It’s been almost one thousand years since the last time I wrote here :”) and just so you know, I had attempted to write again several times after last October, but I didn’t finish any of them. Yeah, just me being me, full acceleration at first, then running out of NOS before the finish line. And just me being me, mood level should be at its lightest green otherwise no writing could be done.


I want to share a bit about what I absorbed last year. It’s about life phases according to William Shakespeare. He expressed that idea in one of his plays called As You Like It, in which one of the characters called Jacques, described human life as having seven periods of checkpoints.

Naaah I haven’t seen the play nor googled the story or whatever. I just read this book called Poems For Life. It’s a book filled with poems selected by Laura Barber. She was inspired by Shakespeare and structured the book into seven chapters.

And no, it’s not that I’m into poetry. I just found that poems turned out to be quite interesting (for some reasons :p) and might be worth the checking. So I bought the book, and checked.

Unfortunately, heavy poems don’t suit me.

I couldn’t really grab the beauty of the poems written in that book. Firstly because I only read some of them. Secondly, it’s all because I only looked for the ones whose titles caught my attention. And lastly, they stimulated my imagination way too intensively that I got really dizzy.

The funny thing is, the book structure really gets me. I’m totally digging the concept that our lives really are divided into seven episodes. And as a 22-year-old girl who is obviously turning twenty freaking three soon, I have pretty much realized where I am standing at the moment.

In last December of 2013, I posted this on Path:

~ It’s funny how we finally reach a certain phase of life and look back to those previous phases. The Barbies and the Polly Pockets. Your Tazos and your Tamiyas. Our laptops and our iPhones. Our whines in front of Toys R Us, our smirks in front of the cashier. Their tears receiving the bills. Then there came the invitations. Took us to malls before weekends when the number 17 somehow became familiar — familiarly decorated.

Now we’re entering this phase, guys. The phase in which people are chopping their books, dumping them in the blender, waiting for them to mix and getting ready to drink it. Or better, eat them while raw with a bit of jam and peanut butter. Then they think they’re full and ready to rumble. In the jungle, they say.

Some then decide to build a home of their own instead. Maybe with books, maybe not. Adding some veggies, fruit, eggs, and meat. Plus some sprinkles of love, most necessarily. “Rumble in the jungle, this is our jungle.” said the lovebirds. “My juice and my toast, she will make.” said the red bird. The white bird nods, happily. And then all of us go back to those stores in malls, right before the weekends. Looking for what makes us look best, in the event of what is called “best”. And there goes the cycle for about 5-7 years.

Continued by the white outfits, to avoid the misfit, in the closing phase of our lives.~

Yeah. Being 20ish is like.. “I’ve been there” “I’ve done that” “Look at all of those highschoolers” “Awww you’re getting married” and “Where am I going?”.

It’s like I need to know where I am what I want who I am what I need what I can what is good to me what I like what I choose and what I will do.

It becomes important. It never was before.

Okay since I already put the very heavy title on the top, I feel responsible to mention Shakespeare’s seven ages mentioned in the book.

1. Birth and Beginnings

2. Childhood and Childish Things

3. Growing Up and First Impressions

4. Making a Living and Making Love

5. Family Life, for Better, for Worse

6. Getting Older, Looking Back

7. Mourning and Monuments

I know I’m done with so many first impressions already, but please can I have more? :-p

Your Friend,

Runny Rudiyanti