I say, there are four components within a human being.


1. What you think

2. What you feel

3. What you say

4. What you do


Unfortunately, people in general cannot really harmonize those aspects.

Obviously, no one can ever know your 1 & 2. It’s always a secret between you and yourself. There might be a severe battle or a massive confusion, yet the world won’t ever notice. Talk big, sing loud.. You still have your mind and heart kept safe.


People then try to convey the message in their minds and feelings through words.

The third step.

The step which people think quite enough in the distribution of their so-called exploding thoughts.

No, it’s not enough.

Sorry, it really is not enough.


Why bother say mega words if your actions represent none of your sayings?

Why bother rescue short-term smiles if a single disappointed frown will show up eventually?

Why bother explain the map if you don’t seek the same treasure?

Why sweet for bitter?

Why buy candy to spit out black coffee?

Why Disneyland then Inferno?


To be objective, the only way to show whether or not you truly mean what you say is to move your hands and get in there.

The outcome is the only thing visible; the only thing that is worth the count. The rest is hidden. The rest is your secret. The rest is your lie, your honesty, your own game.


At the end of the day, what you do is the most genuine representation of what you think.

That’s how the cycle works.


Your Friend,

Runny Rudiyanti