I asked Vina, my best friend since HS, how she visioned her future relationship.

She answered:

“Nothing. As clear as a canvas.”


Isn’t it better? To have zero picture of your future?

To leisurely walk through your days with no expectation, no plan, nothing?

To hold the crayons in your grip while drawing what’s visible and carry no longing towards a certain painting?

To possess the only authority to determine what will be put into drawing?

To avoid worries and fears of sketching the wrong sketch?

To enjoy the view of those green leaves, pink flowers, orange petals, purple birds, blue skies, red polishes, and have them perfectly portrayed?

To just draw.

And stop seeing the vision that might not ever exist.


Appreciate all life blessings. Don’t be picky.


Your Friend,

Runny Rudiyanti