Have you listened to Pixar’s Lava song?


“I wish that the earth, sea, the sky up above will send me someone to lava.”



Just like the volcano in the tune,


It was like waiting in the station for the right train to pick me up.

It was like wondering why the brightest star hadn’t shown up.

It was like agreeing with the non-believers that faith kept messing up.

It was like staring at the hourglass, losing all hopes—time was up.


I really thought I would never meet one.


The one who shares the same hobby, interest, and level of consciousness.

The one whose squeeze makes me feel safe.

The one who laughs at the same joke as I do.

The one who loves working but steals time to say hi.

The one who struggles to understand what I do at work.

The one who is concerned with my lack of sleep.

The one who is never angry every time I fall asleep while he drives.

The one whose curiosity and eagerness to learn amaze me.

The one who is very, very fun to be with.

The one whose comedy complements my sense of humor.

The one who runs as a family man.

The one who has good reflex that it makes him hard to tickle.

The one who looks hot while boxing.

The one who is driven to be a better person—every time.

The one who always tries to meet my expectation.

The one whose space is me and mine is him.

The one who pats, smells, hugs, kisses—touches like Midas.

The one who proves that telepathy exists.

The one who always makes me feel special.

The one whose eyes spark “I love you”.


It is still beyond my belief that I was made to find; be found by this kind heart. After exploring the evil world, faced with a cycle of misconduct and wrongdoing, I never stopped believing that this dreamy personality might exist somewhere. Almost running out of power, I took the extra energy to take part in the gamble and flipped the coin. I won.

I would take this chance to thank Earth, Sea, and Sky—Dear God, Alhamdulillah. Thank You for sending me a good friend I know I can always count on.


Limitless adventures, coming up!


Your Friend,

Runny Rudiyanti