Loss and Despair.

Maybe you know how it feels to lose something that means the world to you. Something that can’t be retrieved back. Something that has no backup. Something priceless, something yours.

It is a sad day for me, knowing that all the data I used to have on askRunny for the last 1.5 years is gone. Gone gone. Your questions, my answers. Our stories. I’ve lost those meaningful conversations we all had.






Happy new year and glad to be back :”D


So my writings above the line were written on a very very bad day of mine. AskRunny was down. Worse, I lost some of the data. I was furious to some people whom I had trusted to run my baby, though, turns out we all just need to be careful these days not to easily trust anyone. Note: even our own so-called friends.


I spent days and days cursing. I thought this would all be okay at first, asking a friend’s assistance to help me create a website, denying my fear of the digital world; the untouchable, the unprinted, the formless. Then I realized that my ignorance of technology was the main cause of this all. If only I had understood IT, if only I had been pickier in choosing a web developer, If only I had trusted less.


Thank God, I’m not the if-only type.


From then on, I would learn more about technology; I will have more filters in absorbing people’s stories, and I definitely will start doing some backups!


I’ll write more soon :)


Stay alive!


P.S. A precise one month gap. Coincidence much? :p


Your Friend,

Runny Rudiyanti