Hi, all.

So, basically this askRunny.com thing is the realization of a wild talk on a random night of March 16 2013 when my friends and I had dinner together in a Korean restaurant.

We encountered with several cockroaches that night. Or more. We were pretty sure it wasn’t only 1 and hid and showcased itself again so that we miscounted. Because we saw 3 in one frame. One passing by on the floor, the other one fleeing under the table, and another one far away there on the wall near the head of an Ahjussi. And we met some again before we went out. And another one, fatter, on the ceiling. I swear to God they’re real. I swear to God I thought of not coming back ever again. I even thought of sticking “We Serve Cockroaches” poster there. I think it might help the selling.

Anyway, despite those juicy despicable insects, the highlight of that swinging night was actually when I started the Formspring talk. I told my friends that I was stressed out because earlier of that day there was some important news telling that it was time for Formspring to shut down. Hm. Apocalypse. For me it slightly was.

Well, here’s the thing. Formspring had helped me helping people since 2010. How huge is that? HUGE. It had been the only, easiest, most convenient media for me to help people answer their questions (which I might solve nothing anyway) — But at least sharing stories to someone else would make them feel better. And being that someone made me feel good.

Needless to say, knowing that Formspring was shutting down kinda brought me to a real shut-down myself. Seriously, it did.

Then out of the blue, one of my friends said,

“Why don’t you make your own Formspring?”

I then shouted,

That’s it!

And here it is, I present to myself and I present to you all,

with the ridicule, seriousness, chuckle, and support from my closest ones:



P.S. The certain friends that I mentioned above were the ones going to NYC with me in October 2012. Smart, witty minds.

Thrilled. Hope this thing would turn out useful.

Your Friend,

Runny Rudiyanti